It's Not Just Data Protection,
It's Business Protection.

CloudReplica Services Designed to Protect Your Business in Real Time!

  • Simple

    CloudReplica allows you to outsource your protection. No more tape cartridges. No more trucks. No more errors. All data is sent, all the time - absolute simplicity.
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  • Comprehensive

    CloudReplica creates a real-time, 'on-going' clone of your server - an exact copy updated every second of the day and night - thousands of miles away.
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  • Affordable

    A low monthly service fee for instant application and server failover no matter what the interruption is at your office.
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CloudReplica Company News

CloudReplica Partners With StratITsphere Data Center Solutions, LLC to Provide Customers With Greatly Improved Recovery Times and the Highest Levels of Uptime.
-Press Release-

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